Monday, January 21, 2008

1. What is something you see in your world that concerns you? This could be something among your peer group, something you see in America, or something you see in the world. What is your interpretation of this topic and why do you feel that way?

Though at times i find myself to have extremist views at times i believe that extremism is the cause of much death and suffering in the world. However i believe that it can also help a lot and thats why its called extremism! cause whatever the outcome is its gonna be a biiig change

2. What is one dynamic personality (someone who is unique, special, or amazing) you have either known personally or know about? Describe the person (feel free to use a made up name if desired) and explain what makes him/her dynamic. Include any specific examples if you can.

Gala because whoever i am, she is always there for me with farmilliar antics. and thats what home is

3. What is one piece of art (painting, movie, book, song, whatever) that has greatly inspired you? What is that piece and what about it has inspired you? Explain in detail.

a band in general that has inspired me a lot has been coheed and cambria. they inspired me to start writing
1. What is one principle that guides you in life? This may be something you are consciously aware of as a force in your life, or it could be something unintentional. Some examples of guiding principles could be "I value education," "I value family above everything else," or "I won't be happy without money." There is no condemnation for your guiding principle. State your principle, then explain how it shapes your life. Also talk about why that is a guiding principle and why it is important to you. Write at least 100 words.

whenever i do something or go somewhere i try to think wether or not it will benefit me in some way. When im hanging out with friends i try to think if it benefits me. its something i try not to think about too much.

2. What is one news event from the past year or so that has had some sort of impact on you, changed the way you viewed the world, or made you think. Explain what the event was and take us through the process of how it changed you. Write at least 75 words about it.

The only event i can think of is 9/11. it obviously hit everyone very hard but it was what started me to pay a little more attention to what is going on in the world.

3. What is one thing you hope to accomplish in 2008? Talk about why it is so important to you, as well as how you want to accomplish it. Write at least 100 words about it. If you can't say anything more about what you want to accomplish, write about other things to help you write more.

i hope to express my writings further to people using music. my friend drew is a really good guitar player and has only been playing for a year or so. we have made music before, but i hope to implement my writings.

Friday, January 18, 2008

1. Congratulations! You wrote a personal essay! Reflect on your experiences here in paragraph form. Be sure to including explanation for your ideas. Write at least 75 words. Some things to consider are:What are the strengths of the genre?What are the weaknesses of the genre?How does it compare to writing fiction?What surprised you about the writing personal essays?Would you voluntarily tackle it again?

1. I think the strengths of essays rather than plays or storywrites is that you can generally write anything you want to because it doesnt have to follow up to any certain story. But one weakness about essays is that its harder to make it inspiring or epic because there are no people or narrators so you can feel what they are feeling. the difference between personal essays and fiction is that personal essays have to be true. What surprized me about my personal essay is that i could get the point across without writing so much. I would have my squirtle use tackle on it.

2. The writer's adage is as follows:Reading is breathing in; writing is breathing out.Why is reading so crucial for a writer? Whenever I've heard writers speak--be it playwrights, novelists, or poets--they talk about the importance of reading. In Pat Conroy's memoir My Losing Season, in fact, he goes into great depth about the books he was devouring at that point in his life and what they meant to him.So, talk about the role of reading to the writer and why it is important. If you disagree, then explain why you think OTHERS think it is important. Write at least 100 words.

Well for me and when i write i try to get my ides from my own shit. But what inspired me to start writing i think was not from experiences as much as listening and reading music. He is trying to pass on new ideas to the writer he is reading to. So the writer he is reading to can be the new plato or some shit.

3. Reflect on what you've written in Creative Writing this semester.
What is your favorite piece that you've written? Talk about why it's your favorite piece.
What has been your favorite genre? Explain your thoughts.
Which piece was the greatest challenge for you to write? Explain why.
Is there a piece you wrote that, in reflection, you didn't care for? Explain.
What skill from Creative Writing do you think you will use in other forms of writing/outside of class. Tell why.

I have liked this class this year because i like to write it makes me feel good. I think my fave piece of writing is my short story if i could have had more time to do it. I liked it the most because it is derived from my childhood and leads into fiction. the short story was probably also the hardest for me to write because i felt so good about the idea of the story i wanted to make sure it was really good. i found that i didnt really care about the poem i presented in front of the class. i felt that i didnt fully understand the situation that i was writing about.

4. Quiz
Coke or Pepsi: coke
Li'l Wayne or Little Debbie: they are both good in different ways
McDonald's or Arby's: mcdonalds
Chiptole or Taco Bell:chipotle
American Idol or MTV: dont care
Buffalo Wings or Florida: florida
New York City or Los Angeles los angeles
Name you like for your future daughter: heidi?
Name you like for your future son: chuck?
What is or what will be the first country you see outside the continent of North America: mexico
Disney movie you would be most likely to watch on your 21st birthday: aladin
5. Can you figure out what Disney movie my blog title comes from? aladin?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

1. Congratulations! You wrote your first play. Reflect on your experiences here in paragraph form. Be sure to including explanation for your ideas. Write at least 75 words. Some things to consider are:What limitations about the form did you find frustrating?What strengths did you see in the form?What pleasant surprises did you find in writing a play?What unpleasant surprises did you find in writing a play?Would you ever be interested in attempting drama writing or any of its sister forms, screenplays or television scripts? Explain.

in writing this play i ran into a few mental blockades because you have to go about writing plays differently than essays. Tho i did like how i could put in phrases that people would say to other people. I just didnt like how it had to be so long i had to lengthen it a lot. i guess i am kind of interested in the anatomy of different types of plays though.

2. Now that you have an idea about what a personal essay is and does, write down some ideas of what story you may want to relate AND what ideas you may want to express with that story. Write at least 100 words (though, the more you have, the more helpful it will be).

i could definately write about my childhood and about how much my life has changed so much internally. there are many unique situations i could put in it that others haven't experienced to make it a good essay. though not being a play it could be hard to explain my encounters and such.

3. If you could give advice to a kid who was 5 years old or 10 years old (pick one), what advice would you give him or her on growing up in today's world? Would you give advice based upon your own experiences? Would you give advice based upon what you see in others? Would you r advice be based on their thoughts, their choices, peer issues, school? Explain your advice and why you give it. Write at least 100 words.When you are done, comment on your group's blogs. If time, look at other people's blogs as well. Please be sure to give substantial comments.

to a five year old i would tell him to be a five year old because it is the time to have fun and not do work. This is based on my own experience.

Monday, December 10, 2007

1. How important is theme in what you write? Does a great piece of literature need to express an idea? Explain your thoughts on the matter using examples from things you've read. In your response, address the opposing viewpoint. (Write at least 100 words.)

theme is what the story is all about because it is what the story is trying to imply by bringing it together with creativity. All great pieces of literature in the past i believe have had a solid theme that is well portrayed in the writing. Themes that also imply morals that are good to live by to make the world a better place

2. Great works of literature can last a long time. Jane Austen's novels (including Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility) are still popular almost 200 years after they were first published. Anne Bradstreet's poems have survived about 400 years. The works of Greek playwright Euripides (who wrote Medea) have survived for over 2000 years. What do you think causes great literary works to live forever? Could you ever foresee yourself writing something that lasts that long? (Write at least 75 words.)

Great works being carried on for a long period of time i believe is caused by the introduction of a new idea that the writing brought forth. A reason why writings are timeless is because whoever reads it wherever whenever, it can differently inspire people who read it.

3. If you could have one long-lasting impact on the world around you, what would you want it to be? Explain why that is important to you and how, as a writer, you could have the chance to make that impact. (Write at least 100 words.)

it would be to completely express all of my thoughts one way or another to the whole world. i think many could learn from them. or perhaps i could inspire other bright minds.

Comment on your blog group's blogs, then continue working on your play, which is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1. How would you would define happiness if you were asked to try to explain it to someone who had no idea what the word meant ? (You cannot use the word happy or any form of it in your explanation.)

"everything is just going good and swimmingly. You see bright colors and you feel as if it is ground hog day in a way were you feel like you get extra power in your footstep because the ground hog just hit your foot on the way up"

2. How do you define happiness in your own life specifically? What is your greatest source of happiness? What may be happiness for you may not be happiness for someone else. BE SPECIFIC. Don't just say hanging out with friends. Explain why your friends (or whatever you write about) brings you happiness. Maybe you are happiest when you are out running, playing video games, eating at a certain restaurant, or celebrating a certain holiday.

i define hapiness as being in a random state of thought, but a constant state of emotion. what makes me happy is feeling close to self absolution. or being completely wreckless about life when im not happy.

3.What people in your life have the greatest influence on your happiness? How do they influence your relative happiness?

sadly enough. it is certain people that usually make me happy. i dont know what makes me predjudice about that

4. Whose happiness do you impact in your life? Your actions affect a lot more people than just yourself, so to whom in your life, do your actions have the potential to bring great joy or great disappointment?

i feel like i impact my ladyfriend gala. we have a bond that no one else has and i dont mean james bond.

5. What is your greatest need in life? How is this tied into your happiness?

self actualization

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Short story lines

I was running through the woods in daylight with slight joyful, but meloncholy-like endorphins swarming my body, like when you realize you love someone.

With adrenaline as my only ally in this pursuit i feel the wolf's breath on the back of my neck as if we were standing still. A scene from a movie